“Something died in me that day”: Renato Tapia does not hide his sadness after leaving Peru

“Something died in me that day”: Renato Tapia does not hide his sadness after leaving Peru

Something died in me that day Renato Tapia does not

The painful defeat of the Peruvian team on penalties 4-5 against Australia caused a lot of sadness among the members of the team: many players spoke on their social networks. One of the last to do so was Renato Tapia, who wrote that it will be very difficult to overcome this situation.

The midfielder perhaps played his worst game in the Bundesliga Two Tone with the ball at his feet. Inaccurate on short and long passes. That ‘Stubborn’ It didn’t look like what we’re used to. Aside from the spot errors, the Socceroos read it well and blocked any attempt to start the games on their own field.

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Renato wrote a lengthy statement on his Instagram about the hard elimination Australia. “There are no words to describe how I feel every day, every time I think about not being in the World Cup I want to cry and not think about anything. Something died in me that day, I’m still looking for something. I know we could have given more, I think we all know that, but it just wasn’t our day.”

Wall stated that he has no regrets for all the efforts he has made for them White-red. “I lost a lot of things for the national team this year but I have no regrets and I would do it again for this group and for my country. It will be very difficult to get out of this situation, but I have to do it for my own good and for the people around me who have been so supportive all this time.”

“Thank you to everyone who came to see us Qatar, Ever since I was a child I have vowed to represent my country abroad and teach other people to be proud to be Peruvian. Today I can say that I was able to contribute. Being Peruvian is priceless, being Peruvian means being different, being Peruvian means that despite our circumstances we are always together and united. I swear we’ll be back, I know we’re coming back,” the player stressed Celta Vigo.

Publication. Photo: Twitter Renato Tapia

When do the next qualifiers start?

The qualification process for the World Cup 2026 would begin in March 2023 and be played through 2025 Conmebol He has yet to confirm the full schedule, but DirecTV Sports journalist Juan José Buscalia released that tentative date.

When will the Peru team play again?

Although the national team is not at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they have already agreed on an international match. A few weeks ago, Blanquirroja confirmed that they will face Mexico at the FIFA date in September.