quotsomehow overquotLeonardo explained what he lives with his wife

"somehow over"Leonardo explained what he lives with his wife

“Somehow finished,” Leonardo explained what he lives with his wife

The singer Leonardoduring an interview with ‘PodCats’ on Youtube, vented about what he lives with his wife, Polyana Rochawith the return of their shows.

During the conversation the moderator Virginia Fonseca was curious about the artist’s return to the stage after spending a period without performing due to the Covid19 pandemic.

“How are you doing now with the shows returning? You’re supposed to do it, and Poliana doesn’t have you at home anymore,” asked the singer’s wife Zé Felipe.

At that moment, Leonardo surprised everyone with his wife, including Poliana Rocha, who was also in the podcast studio: “It’s a marriage that’s kind of over, physically,” he shot.

His wife didn’t agree with the singer’s opinion and immediately replied: “Wow, I don’t think so,” she contradicted.

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Then the singer tried to explain himself by saying that he has no more time to date, using a term he invented at the time and saying that the marriage has worn out “meteumente”, referring to sexual relationships related

Poliana Rocha revealed that this “problem” is easy to solve: “We just know how to balance things,” she said, hinting at what her husband was saying.

However, Leonardo disagreed, saying that he couldn’t solve it because of the commitments: “But I want to see it, what about the commitments? Commitments suck, they call the shots,” the artist said.

Leonardo and Poliana Rocha (Reproduction: Youtube)Leonardo and Poliana Rocha commented on the wedding after the shows return (Play: Youtube)

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