Prohiben en Francia manifestaciones frente al Consejo Constitucional

Solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people is reaffirmed in Lebanon

At the political force’s headquarters in the southern city of Saida, Hachicho called for stepping up the struggle to liberate all areas occupied by Israeli occupation and defend social justice and peace for the peoples.

The head of the Arab-Latin American Solidarity Association, José Martí, stressed the urgency of a change in the Lebanese political system that favors oligarchies and brutal capitalism, without caring about the countries’ interests.

At the same time, he commended Syria and Iran for their constant support in the fight against Tel Aviv unity, arguing that the only way nations have to protect their dignity is through resistance.

In this sense, he emphasized that the resistance in the present time goes beyond the Middle East region, is international and stands on the path of preserving sovereignty and freedom.

On this subject, the Foreign Minister of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Maher Taher emphasized the support of the countries of the so-called axis of resistance to the cause and confrontation with the Zionist regime.

The PFLP official said that despite Israeli attempts to sow desperation in the youth, the new generation of Palestinians will work to liberate the nation to give up the cause during these seven decades of aggression.

Taher stressed the spirit of firmness and unity throughout the Palestinian territory and thanked the support of Iran, Syria and the Lebanese resistance, who are brothers in cause and blood.

During the act, Hezbollah Political Council member Mahmoud Komati emphasized the importance of resistance as a way of fighting for humanity and justice in the face of arrogance and occupation. The parliamentarian also pointed out that it was necessary to break down religious, sectarian, ethnic and ideological borders “in order to unite us all in a single barricade of resistance against imperialism and international Zionism”.

Representatives of Palestinian and Lebanese fronts, movements and parties, together with participants of the global meeting in support of the alternative to the resistance, took part in the political activity focused on the struggle against the Israeli-American project.