“Solid pain”, Chantal Lacroix was hospitalized – 7 days

“Solid pain”, Chantal Lacroix was hospitalized – 7 days

On Tuesday morning, hostess and inspirational woman Chantal Lacroix spoke to her followers via her Facebook page to commend the work of health workers.

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Indeed, Camly’s mother, who was struggling with severe pain, had to make a brief visit to a hospital. She was in so much pain that she had to be taken there by ambulance.

Without revealing the cause of the pain, the hostess shared her gratitude in an inspiring text, while thanking and congratulating those who are working hard in the health sector, which has been overburdened for years.

The Facebook post said:

“Back home after a short stay in hospital. Leaving in the ambulance and meeting friendly paramedics dedicated to their work, arriving at the emergency room of Lachine Hospital where I was relieved by the kindness and speed of care because I was in serious pain (and had nothing to do before some say , with the fact that I am a personality, the doctor and the nurse had no idea who I am, someone recognized me when I went home) . I am sharing this morning to thank you once again for your commitment.

Let’s listen to them and see with them how they can liberate emergencies and find balance in their schedules. But I daresay and hope that the situation will improve in some areas. Some often use social networks to cry, but it is also important to compliment and congratulate.

Among the host’s release were many who supported their message. Also, a rain of lovely words wishing him a “speedy recovery” quickly infiltrated the comments section.

We send a lot of sweetness to the moderator.

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