Soleil the alleged boyfriend and the hot confession I havent

Soleil, the alleged boyfriend and the hot confession: “I haven’t made love for so long” ​​

Soleil rises She is engaged? In the house of Big brother VIP There was talk of an alleged connection with someone other than the famous “Artistic Chemistry” With Alex Belli. Now the Italian-American influencer is revealing the truth and making a confession quite intimate about her sex life. Former columnist de The doll and the nerdy gave a couple interview to Chi Magazine along with her friend and former roommate Sophie Codegoni.

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The two girls are in Ibiza for a few days of vacation. When asked about the artistic chemistry, Soleil simply replied “Two p… and”. To the one about the last sexual intercourse with Sophie, engaged Alessandro Basciano he replied, “Before.” Soleil’s reaction is different: “Does anyone have a calendar? But I love with taste”

At GF Soleil’s home, he had spoken of a broken date before he was accepted into the cast of the reality show. Big protagonist of this edition, he spoke for the triangle with Alex Belli and Delia Duran. Not even the friend’s shadow outside.

Last updated: Sunday 22 May 2022 11:56 am