So they chose the protagonist of Mexico’s most successful children’s telenovela    Fútbol en Formula

So they chose the protagonist of Mexico’s most successful children’s telenovela Fútbol en Formula

Written in FARANDULA on 08/07/2022 07:00

Whether we like it or not soap operas have been part of Mexico’s history and one of the most successful “toy world”Content for kids starring Grace Mauri.

The first chapter appeared in November 1974; The entire project was produced by Chilean Valentín Pimstein as part of an adaptation by writer Luis Reyes de la Maza.

The foreign director based it on “Papá Corazón,” an Argentine story he had seen a year earlier while living in the country in the southern cone of the continent.

The plot was simple: tell the adventures, sorrows, and joys of Cristina, a little girl who had been accepted into a convent school due to the death of her mother and the constant work commitments of her multimillionaire father.

Even though Strictly speaking, it wasn’t the first children’s telenovela in Mexico., it was the most popular and the most enduring because it aired for about three years. During this time he managed to captivate all viewers.

And it’s that it not only presented a tender story, but also brought together leading men of the decade and stars of the time Golden cinema Mexicans like Gloria Marín, Evita Muñoz ‘Chachita’, Eduardo Alcaraz and Sara García.

Photo: YouTube Telenovela Moments (Screenshot) | Graciela Mauri starred with the legend of the Cine de Oro, Sara García, also known as “La abuelita de México”.

The real protagonist of “Toy World” was fired by Valentín Pimstein

People who lived and saw in the 1970s “toy world” they remember Grace Mauri as the little actress who breathed life into the beautiful “Cristina”.

But the girl with the fringes was not supposed to be the main character of the story, because in reality that position had been occupied by a minor named Angelines Santana.

It turns out Toño Mauri’s sister didn’t even plan on appearing on TV since she only went to Televisa to meet Gaspar Henaine “Capulina”.

His life took a 180 degree turn when he managed not only to get in touch with the comedian, but also to be integrated into a dynamic and competitions looking for the minor who starred in the project Valentín Pimstein would play.

“Every week we did a test for them, we put on some kind of soap opera and I worked with them. It turned out that some stayed, like 5 or 6, according to the jury they were the best. One of them was Graciela Mauri, a beautiful girl,” the humorist commented Golden cinema.

Although she was very pretty, had a good memory and worked very well, in the end she did not win the competition and the main role went to Angeline’s Santana.

However, when it started rolling “toy world”the producer remarked that the chosen one did not have the charisma that the story required and therefore made the decision to hire the runner-up in the competition.

“I had the other girl who didn’t give Graciela’s tenderness. Graciela was tiny, divine, kind, amazing, good at her stuff, very educated,” the soap opera creator revealed in an interview for The Story Behind the Myth before his death.

In view of the violation of the clauses, the producer was denounced by the family of Angelines Santana. The process also dragged on for seven years.

“[Yo creo que la demanda duró más que la telenovela] because every week I had to go to the court close to Televisa, but it was worth the sacrifice because the audience could have an incredibly good actress. A wonderful girl, the Mauri girl,” he commented.

With his decision to replace the original protagonist with the runner-up in a competition, Valentín Pimstein succeeded in dedicating “Mundo de Juguete” to the most successful and longest-lasting children’s telenovela in Mexico.