So goes Manuel, son of Anahí and "New member" by RBD for Comeback Tour 2023

So goes Manuel, son of Anahí and "New member" by RBD for Comeback Tour 2023

Since anahi announced that she was going to be a first-time mother, the singer was very happy and proud of her two children, as motherhood was one of the greatest gifts for the actress. Currently, the mythical Mía Colucci is in one of the most anticipated moments of her career, as she recently revealed to the new member from RBD for the trip from he came back of the grouping in this 2023this is no more and no less than his little one Son, Manuel.

the he came back from RBD It is one of the most anticipated events of the 2000s group as it was one of the events that shaped an entire generation of youth who are now adults. But that’s not the only reason why anahi stands on long tablecloths, because one of his greatest inspirations had a birthday, his son Manuel celebrated its 6th birthday with great news.

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Through her social networks, the green-eyed interpreter shared some photos of her little ones Son, Manuel. These show how tall her offspring is, who over the years are becoming more and more like their mother, highlighting her light eyes and blonde hair just like anahi When I was a child; But the photos also revealed an announcement for fans of RBD.

be for it comeback tour, RBD will have the participation of the original cast, with the exception of Poncho Herrera, which is why anahi announced new member the group for trip that will start that 2023. Whoever will take his place will be his Son, ManuelWell, through an Instagram story, the little one said, “Friends I’m the new RBD,” which made the singer laugh.

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Even the singer repeatedly added the lyrics “The new RBD”. anahi shared his Son, ManuelHe’s a big fan of the group. On a few occasions, the singer has shown her son singing some songs RBDso he didn’t hesitate to show it as that new member the band for it trip his long-awaited he came back in 2023.