Snow expected this weekend

Snow expected this weekend

As Europe and much of America grapples with a heatwave, Quebec should see snowflakes on the north coast for Father’s Day.

The facility is intended to bring a breath of fresh air to the metropolis for the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend.

” [De la neige au milieu de juin], this is another exception. When it happens, it’s usually earlier in the month,” explains Simon Legault, meteorologist at Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Even though June is already in full swing, it heralds snowflakes Saturday through Sunday on the North Shore, a stone’s throw from the Labrador City border.

Snow expected this weekend

With kind approval

Gilles Brien, meteorologist

However, given the heat already trapped in the ground over the past few days, local residents needn’t get out their shovels because snow shouldn’t accumulate there, Mr Legault says.

Fresh air will flow through the province this weekend, which will ensure pleasant temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius in Montreal and southern Quebec.

Saved this time

For now, Quebec has been spared the heatwaves currently sweeping America and Europe, although it had its fair share back in May.

“We’re in a bit of a bubble here. The current heat waves are extraordinary. It’s early, we’ve never seen that before, ”comments meteorologist Gilles Brien, expert in biometeorology.

What strikes him: climate change is causing great variability in the climate, which is increasingly tending toward extremes.

“The gaps between the minima and maxima are getting bigger and bigger. […] You will have to get used to seeing unusual things,” he concludes.

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