Snoop explains how to become smoke free and its not

Snoop explains how to become smoke-free – and it’s not what you thought


You got us this time, Snoop Dogg.

People believed the rapper/actor and known marijuana lover was quitting smoking. But as it turns out, what he meant was that he wanted to go “smokeless” in a different way.

Snoop posted a video on Instagram on Monday with the caption: “I’m quit smoking. I’m going smoke free with @solostove. #Advertisement”

“I have an announcement: I’m quitting smoking,” he says in the video. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Snoop, smoking is kind of your thing.’ But I’m done with it. No more coughing and the sticky smell of my clothes. I’m going smoke-free.”

At this point in the video he reveals a smokeless fire pit of the Solo Stove.

“Solo Stove has since announced that Snoop Dogg will be their official ‘smoker,’ supporting the company’s commitment to eliminating smoke in backyards everywhere,” the company said in a press release sent to CNN.

“They changed the game and now I’m excited to spread the love and stay warm with my friends and family,” Snoop is quoted as saying in a press release about the product.

The man who has made being a weed lover part of his brand caused a stir online when he announced to his more than 2.5 million Instagram followers that he had quit smoking.

“After much thought and discussion with my family, I have decided to quit smoking,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself. “Please respect my privacy at this time.”

CNN reached out to its publicist for confirmation/clarification but did not receive a response.

In the days that followed, Snoop Dogg seemed to go through this.

He posted a photo of himself looking pensive with a smoke emoji as his caption.

In another photo, the 52-year-old artist has his eyes closed. The caption reads “Natural high” with a clock and music note emojis.

Lest anyone question his continued devotion to ganja, it was recently announced that he and Martha Stewart have partnered with BIC on “Best Buds” bags, which the company says are “both functional and stylish.”

Ironically (or maybe not), Snoop ends his “smoke-free” reveal video by saying, “Clever.” Really clever, sir.