1673777119 Skull and Bones features 30 minutes of scripted gameplay

Skull and Bones features 30 minutes of scripted gameplay – Xboxygen

Skull and Bones still seems to have a lot to prove and Ubisoft knows it. While the game has once again been pushed back to an unknown date, the teams are now working to showcase several elements of the game through various explainer videos. Now for the scripted gameplay.

A focus on Skull & Bones quests

With The DECK, the Skull and Bones development team is arranging an initial meeting with us to detail the scripted elements that players will find in the game.

Make no mistake, there won’t actually be a storyline in Skull and Bones and Ubisoft had already confirmed to us last August that the storyline would be a secondary element. But to keep the player engaged and to encourage them to explore the world around them, the game will contain some script elements.

Skull and Bones features 30 minutes of scripted gameplay

As shown in the video, some guidelines are given to discover new outposts and new locations on the map and finally progress in the search for an acknowledged pirate. Overall, it will appear to be about getting from point A to point B, discovering new elements and racking up shame points and leveling up. The ultimate goal will always be to be the greatest kingpin of the seas.

The following video introduces us to one of the game’s “investigations”, namely an investigation that focuses on a brother and sister who are quarreling to retake the throne of a small kingdom. While the brother has hidden the crown, the task is to solve the mystery and find the crown.

More information on Skull and Bones will be released soon over the coming months, with new videos focused on customization, monetization of the game, or its post-launch content.