Six other confidential documents seized from Bidens family home

Six other confidential documents seized from Biden’s family home

The US judiciary found six more confidential documents in Joe Biden’s family home in the state of Delaware this week, the US President’s personal lawyer said in a press release.

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“The Department of Justice has taken possession of documents (…) received as part of its investigation, including six items made up of documents” classified during a search Friday at the President’s residence, announced Bob Bauer, his attorney , on.

This new discovery comes as other documents from the time Joe Bidne was Vice President to Barack Obama (2009-2017) have been discovered since November both at his family home in Wilmington (Delaware, east) and at a study center in Washington, where the 80-year-old Democrat had an office.

The case is particularly embarrassing for the US President, who wants to declare himself a candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

During a trip to California a few days ago, he tried to minimize the outcry over the discovery of these documents.

“Listen, we found some documents (…) that were kept in the wrong place, we immediately handed them over to the archives and the Department of Justice,” said the US President to journalists who questioned him on the subject.

Former President Donald Trump, who has already started a new race for the White House, is also under investigation for bringing several boxes of official documents to his Florida residence.