‘Sister wives’: Kody and Robyn ‘don’t believe in vaccines,’ says Gwendlyn Brown

‘Sister wives’: Kody and Robyn ‘don’t believe in vaccines,’ says Gwendlyn Brown

  • Gwendlyn Brown said her father, Kody, and his wife, Robyn, are unvaccinated.
  • She called their choice “ironic” given the strict COVID-19 rules they were following.
  • Kody didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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TLC’s “Sister Wives” star Gwendlyn Brown said in a YouTube video Thursday that her father Kody Brown’s strict COVID safety rules are “ironic” considering he and his wife Robyn remain unvaccinated.

Gwendlyn, 21, has been posting videos weekly reacting to the latest episodes of her family’s reality show as public interest in her life has increased with Kody only dating his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

“Well, from my parents I’m pretty sure everyone except Robyn and my dad are vaccinated,” Gwen said at the end of the video during a segment where she was answering fan questions. “These two don’t believe in vaccines, which is really ironic considering what’s going on on the show.”

During the pandemic, Kody’s strict COVID rules included requiring everyone to change immediately upon arrival home if going out in public, and disinfecting their mail, among other things.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, and his then-married ex, Christine Brown, refused to follow his guidelines and visited their adult children, who were living outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, during the pandemic. Viewers saw that starting with season 15 of Sister Wives, this created tension between Kody and the two women.

Kody Brown onward "sister wives."

Kody Brown on “Sister Wives”. TLC

Kody is currently “divorced” from Christine and “separated” from Janelle – he was mentally but not legally married to both of them. His first wife, Meri Brown, was following his COVID rules, but the former couple announced the end of their “spiritual marriage” in January 2023.

Differing views on COVID-19 also created tensions between Kody and some of his children with Janelle and Christine, including Gwendlyn, Christine’s biological daughter.

In her most recent video, Gwendlyn also responded to a fan who was wondering why Kody was spending so much time with Robyn and not reaching out to his other wives and children as much.

Gwendlyn Brown on "sister wives."

Gwendlyn Brown in the first season of Sister Wives, filmed in 2010. TLC

“I really have no idea,” she replied. “I think it would have been so easy. We’ve done this a few times and it was super easy and very straightforward. I think that’s simply because he prefers to spend time with Robyn’s side of the family.”

In a previous Sister Wives rewatch video posted to YouTube, Gwendlyn admitted that she doesn’t like Robyn “as a person”. She added that watching her interviews and her behavior in “Sister Wives” episodes “I like her less for sure.”

All episodes of Sister Wives are available to stream now on Paramount+.