Sister refutes Fred on Discord: “I don’t have to go outside to see I was wrong” Splash

Fred Nicácio presented Amanda with the “least important” person plaque during today’s Game of Discord on BBB 23 (Globo). The sister didn’t like that and actually countered the brother’s objection about his mistakes.

Nicácio explained that Amanda didn’t see her flaws and misjudged him early on in the show.

Just like Lari came with information from outside, and one of the first videos they showed me, Amanda was in the Leader’s Room, in the lead of Lari and Bruna, saying to one of them, ‘How about we don’t tell anyone that this Leader’s exists? Center and we invent something and throw that information and create a discord. Fred Nicocio

“If I do that by going into the special room, coming back and playing the same way, I’m branded as mean, toxic and oppressive. It hurt me a lot because I suffered with you and Sapato for six weeks telling that to several people,” he added.

Amanda didn’t like the doctor’s opinion and countered him by claiming that she realized her mistake.

We do not justify any mistake with the other. The difference is that I didn’t have to exit the program twice to admit I made a mistake, and I make mistakes every day. What I can do is apologize because I’m in a learning process and reevaluate everything I do in game. Maybe I saw that scene and said it was a joke. I hope you see the whole picture so you don’t judge me that way. amanda

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