Sister protects Key Alves from bullshit with Bruna Griphao at

Sister protects Key Alves from bullshit with Bruna Griphao at BBB 23 Splash

For Keysi, sister of Key Alves, the volleyball player denied she has a female rivalry in a match with BBB 23 (Globo)’s Bruna Griphao. For the physical therapist, the two share the same lines on the reality show.

What Keysi said. In an Instagram post, Key’s sister shared a fan post and claimed there was no agenda regarding female rivalry between the two.

“‘Female Rivalry’. Spare me, they both have the same attitude and lines.”

Who started?

  • The Key Alves team issued a statement on Instagram justifying the sister’s lines on BBB 23 (Globo).
  • the statement Featuring videos of Griphao on Big Brother Brasil 23, they wrote in the publication’s caption: “We believe that the game encourages competition between participants and that rivalry within this scenario is valid and even desirable.”
  • Since the BBB’s inception, we’ve seen a declared rivalry between contenders Bruna Griphao and Key Alves, and being on opposite sides of the game isn’t a problem. However, we have only seen biased and negative movement for Key’s side and we cannot tolerate only one version being presented as interpretations can change by analyzing both sides.
  • Bruna’s team also took a stand. “Since the beginning of the game, we have been watching and closely following the positions of participant Key Alves on Bruna Griphao. Rivalry is part of the program and here we agree it goes as far as lines starting to show disrespect to one another.
  • In another publication, Griphao’s team praised the actress’ work.

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