Single women buy for a husband at Home Depot

Single women “buy” for a husband at Home Depot

Single women are leaving dating apps to find the perfect husband and turning to Home Depot shopping instead; a creative practice, to say the least.

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The one nicknamed @latinkitty on TikTok is experimenting with a “dating” strategy that not only amuses other users of the platform, but is becoming a new trend to try.

She brought the experience to her subscribers by visiting the Home Depot channel, which earned her 9 million views.

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At the beginning of his video you can read: “When you are said to go to Home Depot to find men”.

As she struts through the aisles of the hardware store, she presents the men’s selection.

After making funny comments, she even takes advice from her audience.

“You have to show up early. I worked there and you can see very nice things there between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.,” replies one user.

“Listen to me — go on a Saturday morning,” said another.

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In her second such video, entitled Who Asked My Number?

Did you guess which one it is?

Happy with the success, the subscribers comment.

“That’s why I got a job at HD… Tinder didn’t do that,” said one.

One user says, “I found my husband at Home Depot… We’ve been together for 8 years.”