Single Pact and COB will march in defense of the government    El País de Tarija

Single Pact and COB will march in defense of the government El País de Tarija

The social organizations that make up the Pact of Unity and the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) announced a march on August 25 in support of the national government led by President Luis Arce Catacora.

The march will begin in the city of El Alto and descend to Plaza San Francisco in La Paz, where a concentration will take place, announced the executive secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Intercultural Communities Originating in Bolivia (CSCIOB). Esteban Alavi. .

According to the Chair, this is a mobilization in support of the National Executive against opposition actions that are using the issue of the National Population and Housing Census to try to “boycott” the administration of the head of state.

“Our national government plans to work now after restoring democracy, to industrialize, to maintain the country’s food security, it is working hard, not like coup leader Fernando Camacho who committed to boycott,” Alavi said.

“We will not allow a second coup,” he warned.

The executive of the Single Trade Union Federation of Peasant Workers of Cochabamba, Juan Segarra, in turn told radio station Patria Nueva that “it will be a massive march” in which “all social organizations in the country” would participate.

Back on July 29, after a meeting between the state president and the leadership of the Single Pact, COB executive secretary Juan Carlos Guarachi warned that if political actors fail, they will respond with “countermarches and strikes.” Santa Cruz keeps in its zeal to politicize the census, his line of confrontation maintained.

He reported that social organizations will participate in the government’s work in view of the census scheduled for 2024.

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