Singer Netinho Deletes Posts In Favor Of Bolsonaro And Cops After Losing Show Contract

A big supporter of the Bolsonaro government, singer Netinho, a hit in the ’90s with the hit “Milla,” decided to delete all posts he made in defense of the former president, including the various publications he made in defense of the coup attacks that took place in Brasilia on Sunday January 8th.

The decision came after Netinho lost a contract for a show he would play in Aracaju on the 28th. The city’s yacht club canceled the singer’s performance at his carnival party, stating that “he neither condones nor supports antidemocratic acts and will never allow any action of this kind within our institution”.

In a post published on Instagram, the Axé singer suggested that hunters, gunners and gun collectors (CACs) join the coup acts that destroyed the Three Powers headquarters last day 8.

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Instead of Netinho, the Iate Clube de Aracaju will hold a concert by singer Tatau, former lead singer of the band Araketu. The publication that caused the Yacht Club to terminate the contract has already been deleted from the artist’s account. “We have between 800,000 and 900,000 CACs here in Brazil. Stand up and help us patriots,” the post reads.

“I received the public notice of the cancellation of my participation through the social network, but without any formal documentation (…) This cancellation brings me image and financial losses, since it was the announced show with which I would return to the stages and electric trios,” Netinho shared on Instagram this Sunday.

Now on Netinho’s Instagram there are only publications about his career. No political demonstrations like the countless ones he staged daily during the last elections. On the social network, Netinho published aggressive and very heated posts against the current president, Lula.

The day after the coup acts, Netinho issued a publication responding to allegations that his post had encouraged violence. “I have 56 years of clean public life (…) As a worker, always in music, I have never applied the Rouanet Law or accepted favors from politicians,” he wrote. He was even a candidate for federal MP for the Liberal Party last year, the same abbreviation that former President Jair Bolsonaro ran for in the election.