Sincerely brother of Bruno Gagliasso shocked with what he said

Sincerely, brother of Bruno Gagliasso shocked with what he said about Gio Ewbank: "This woman is talking about our mother" Focus TV

Bruno Gagliasso’s brother shocked by what he said about Gio Ewbank

The brothers Bruno Gagliasso and Thiago Gagliasso They had an excellent relationship, but due to their opposing political positions, this eventually led to a distance between them, in a discussion that involved Gio Ewbank.

The actor’s brother commented on the loss of strength that television has had in recent years, and that displeased Gio Ewbank, who hit back on his social networks.

“I hope that when your wish for ‘dead TV’ comes true, you will be ready: Not having the apartment your brother gave you to live in; not having any help from your brother if you don’t pay for your child’s school,” she shot.

So Thiago Gagliasso promptly took to his social media to reply: “Since she loves to talk about her private life in ‘Amores do Gioh’, why not post it there as well?” Television isn’t dead, it’s just not a monopoly anymore.”

Another time, during the Cara a Tapa podcast, he revealed that this discussion made Thiago Gagliasso uncomfortable, saying that he felt betrayed by his brother.

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I felt betrayed bro what a son of a bitch I’m here helping the guy and the rascal come over to make the woman scold me for talking about our mother‘ he snapped during the conversation.

Finally, he also revealed the conversation he had with the actor and was very surprised to see his brother’s take on the whole situation.

“I called him and said, ‘Look bro, what’s the talk? Your wife scolded me. Then he said: “That’s it, I think you’ve only been calling me lately to ask for money,” revealed Thiago Gagliasso

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