Simone shows Simaria’s daughter and sends a message  Baby Mom

Simone shows Simaria’s daughter and sends a message Baby Mom

Simone honors Simaria’s daughter and sends a message

The singer Simone used her profile on a social network to make an emotional statement to her sister’s daughter simaria. The two artists became known as “As Coleguinhas” and garnered thousands of fans over the years they performed side by side. However, in June of that year, Simaria surprised everyone by announcing that she was retiring from the stage for a while to take care of her mental health.

After the official announcement Simone continued to fulfill the professional schedule, appearing alone on the shows the duo would be. On several occasions, the singer has defended her sister and supported Simaria’s decision. However, the departure from the stages sparked many rumors about the relationship between the sisters.

Last Saturday (30) Simaria’s eldest daughter Giovanna turned ten years old. The famous aunt and godmother did not fail to honor her niece. When the singer shared a photo of her godchild holding little Zaya, the singer began, “I held you so small in my arms I never thought I would be such a big girl!”

She continued: “I am delighted and proud to be your godmother and I love you as if you were my daughter! Godchild, the name says it all, it’s like a daughter and that’s how I feel about you. On your birthday I want you to know that I will never forget you, that I will always ask God for you. My love, I will always ask God for you. I love you and I will love you forever my love Giovanna,” he explained. Simone He still insisted on emphasizing in the text that he misses the girl.

In addition to Giovanna, Simaria is the mother of a sixyearold boy named Pawel. The two children are from the singer’s previous relationship with the Spaniard Vicente Escrig, to whom she was married for 14 years. The younger sister is also the mother of a couple, both from her marriage to businessman Kak√° Diniz. Henry, 7 years old and the youngest Zaya, one year and five months old.

Simone shows Simaria's daughter with her baby and sends a message

Reproduction Instagram Simone shows Simaria’s daughter with her baby and pays tribute

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