Simone Mendes talks about the body: “I don’t accept myself as I am”

Simone Mendes talks about the body: “I don’t accept myself as I am”

Simon MendesOn her YouTube channel, the singer commented on her ongoing struggle to keep her body in shape. Without mincing words, the Sertaneja sent the truth on the subject.

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“I don’t accept myself for who I am”

“I don’t accept myself for who I am. I always fight the scales, you know that very well. I live this constant search for weight loss. Those who accept themselves are wonderful, I give them ten! The best thing in life is accepting yourself and being okay. But I live in this quest, there is no way,” he admitted.


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In the last Huck’s SundayThe singer shocked the country by declaring that she is being blocked by her sister. Simariaafter the end of the duo, but holds no complaints.

“You know that Gusttavo Lima song that says, ‘I remembered that I’m blocked…’ It makes you laugh. I will make it clear that she is the reason of my life, she is the love of my life. I owe her a lot of what I am today,” she began.

“So if she’s mad at me for any reason, forgive me. I don’t know… But my door, my phone, my house, my love, because you will always stand, because you are one of the most important things I have in my life,” he concluded.


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