Simone Mendes apologizes to Simaria after breakup

Simone Mendes apologizes to Simaria after breakup

Simon Mendes and Simaria officially announced the end of the country duo in August 2022. Since then, the image of the sisters and of course the fans of the duo has had a feeling of something unfinished. Nevertheless, the statements were already varied. This Sunday, January 15, another one of them came to light.

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As a guest of “Domingão com Huck”, Globo, the interpreter of “Erro Gostoso”, spoke again on this topic. Now with mild statements but always very sincere about how she felt, which made her love for her sister very clear.

“She is the reason of my life. The love of my life. I owe her a lot of what I am today. If she’s sad for me for any reason, forgive me. I don’t know,” lamented the singer.

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Simone also said that conversations with Simaria are always open, though she hinted she was “blocked” by the artist. Kaká Diniz’s wife said that her house will always be open to her former stage partner:

“But my door, my phone, my house, my love, will always stand. Because you are one of the most important things I have in my life.”

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Finally, the artist once again explained the reasons that led to the separation from the artist. Something that has cropped up at various times since the sisters split.

“Human life is made up of cycles. And mine and my sister’s have arrived. She didn’t want to continue singing anymore and is very happy the way she is with her children, that was something she wanted and I want to continue doing what I do, which is singing,” he clarified.


In December, the singer spoke to “Fantástico” about the end of the duo with her sister Simaria, the new phase of her career, how she thought about a return to the stage and also revealed what happened in the first days after the split of the two up .

According to Sertaneja, the whole turning point in her career has helped her learn “to live without the other”. The singer also talks to her sister about the ups and downs of her career and how she’s responded to all the controversy.

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According to Simone, this end shows that there are always new steps to be taken on a path, even if this initially seems impossible. Her keen eye helped her spot new opportunities.

Sometimes we think we can’t live without each other and then life plays a play. And you say, “Oops, no, it’s not over here. There’s a life ahead of you’”

It wasn’t the first time that Simone and Simaria considered putting an end to the duo. On the contrary, they have discussed their career paths on numerous occasions. But now it was final. She explained Sunday that at other times she’s really considering putting her career aside.

“For the first time, I thought about not quitting. I was scared, sometimes because of my sister’s illness, I was like, ‘Is it over yet?’, ‘Is it okay already’?

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However, taking a drastic stance like that of August this year was not easy. According to Simone, she spent days without sleeping, had anxiety attacks and described that moment as “the most terrible pain” she had ever experienced.

“That was the hardest phase of my life. The most terrible pain I have ever experienced. I spent many days without sleep, anxiety attacks, it was very difficult. Very difficult. I think I had to live for life to show myself why I need to be here,” he reflected.

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Simone Mendes apologizes to Simaria after breakup

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