Simone Di Pasquale the truth about breaking up with Titova

Simone Di Pasquale, the truth about breaking up with Titova: e’s what he did to me Just for show Just for show

Years later, Simone Di Pasquale reveals the reason for the end of his relationship with Natalia Titova, who has long been happy with former professional swimmer Massimiliano Rosolino. “We broke up because…”

Guest in the living room of Today is another dayled by the glorious Serena Borton and airing early afternoon, every day Monday through Friday on Rai 1, one of Dancing with the Stars premier masters, Simone di PasqualeHe spoke with an open heart about his intense and much-talked-about love story with his colleague Natalia Titova. The truth about their farewell…

Simone di Pasquale talks about his ex Natalia TitovaSimone Di Pasquale and Natalia Titova

Their first meeting, as clearly stated by Simone Di Pasquale, dates back to 1998 and in this sense a convict was the Italian championship in which, thanks to a choreographer, they participated in pairs and finished second. Then, after the experience in a musical, came the incredible adventure a Dancing with the stars Top program from Mamma Rai.

“You and I started this adventure a Dance and we were completely clueless. We came from the world of competitions, they proposed this format that we already knew from our peers. She – explained Simone – did not want to accept, but then accepted: From 4 initial bets to the end we made 8. We lived three months and We understand success when we started signing autographs in the street at the end of the show.

A love born at work and sadly ended, but in a civilized way

During the seventh edition of the well-known Rai 1 dance program in 2005, Simone Di Pasquale and Natalia Titova mutually decided to do it separate their ways. The two never explained in detail the reason for the end of their relationship. And that’s exactly why the landlady, or rather the talented Serena Bortone, certainly didn’t miss the opportunity to ask the person concerned: She then replied: “Why did we break up? Because love ends, but a great bond and great affection remain..

No hard feelings or regrets on either side

And that the ex-couple left on good terms, and one does not hold grudges against the other, and vice versa, is confirmed by the fact that the conversation in which Simone Di Pasquale traces the stages of his love story with Natalia Titova is which took place not only in the presence of the latter, but also of Massimiliano RosolinoAs already mentioned, the current partner of the wife and father of the two pretty girls of the Russian ballerina.

Simone di Pasquale talks about his ex Natalia TitovaSimone di Pasquale, Natalia Titova and Massimiliano Rosolino during the episode of Oggi è Un Altro Giorno

It is not for nothing that “the two former rivals in love” created a beautiful and absolutely irresistible curtain, triggered by the eternal tan of Titova. Teased by the former swimmer for being curious to know if Natalia Titova was freezing even when he was with him, Simone Di Pasquale wryly replied: “When I picked her up at the airport she was very tanned, she looked like a Cuban, I swear. Eeeh, what was, was, Massimilià, I had to work on it a bit, huh!”. Rosolino, in turn, answered with a chuckle, so not giving away not a trace of jealousy.

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