Simone and Simaria announce the end of the duo;  Singers continue their solo careers

Simone and Simaria announce the end of the duo; Singers continue their solo careers

Simone and Simaria confirmed the end of the duo on Instagram after months of disagreements. All planned shows are fulfilled by Simone. The sisters will pursue solo careers, the duo’s publicist said.

“Out of respect for fans, friends and partners, Simone and Simaria officially announce that the duo’s activities have ended. The artists will continue a solo career from now on. We reiterate that all concert commitments received to date will be met on time by Simone,” the statement said.

I will be temporarily retiring from the stage to take care of my children and my vocal range. I continue to fulfill my public commitments and plan the next steps in my artistic career. To our fans, all my affection, love and gratitude, you are my fuel to move forward

My desire to be on stage is immense and I have to do what I love! I will keep singing and spreading all my joy and love to the fans all over Brazil. I’ll be back on stage soon and counting on your support, love and energy on my new path

The quarrel between the sisters

Simone and Simaria have not performed as a duo since the end of June this year. The two’s last show together took place on June 11th in a chaotic presentation in São João de Caruaru. Back then, Simone started the show alone and Simaria arrived after 1:20 am.

Less than a week later, on June 16, Voice Two announced a career hiatus and departure from the stage, which would have involved a medical determination. On the same day, Simone performed alone at the Festa do Tomate in Paty do Alferes (RJ).

As early as April this year, fans noticed a gap between the two, and Simone even answered a question on Instagram. “Simaria has her life and I have mine,” he explained.

Then some communication errors started to become public, like the leaked audios of the “Programa do Ratinho” (SBT) and Simaria’s interview with Leo Dias from the newspaper Metrópoles.

“O [programa do] Ratinho was my cry for help because everything I’m going to do will be reproached by Simone.”

What we do know: Absence and disconnection on social media

In July, Simone regretted having to perform alone and explained that she missed her sister. She stressed that she was just fulfilling the scheduled shows before Simaria announced her departure.

“I’m very blessed to receive so much love,” she commented, responding that “at first it’s really bad, then you get used to it” singing alone.

Days later, Simaria stopped following her sister and the duo’s official Instagram account. “Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are on this planet to be yourself not an imitation of yourself,” he later reflected on Twitter. “Good night, Bilu and Biluxas.”

Simone changed her username to simonemendes. Previously she was called “simoneses”, with the ending “ses” being an acronym for the duo with Simaria.

“He [o seu marido, Kaká Diniz] and the whole team of Non Stop Produções did it for me and my name is now Simone Mendes on Instagram. Thank you very much, I am very happy!”

The exchange of clues continued, and Simaria sent another message in late July: “Think less, live more. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.”

Simone and Simaria  Reproduction / Instagram @gabrielamadeira_ @simoneesimaria  Reproduction / Instagram @gabrielamadeira_ @simoneesimaria

Simone and Simaria

Image: Reproduction/Instagram @gabrielamadeira_ @simoneesimaria

What we know: Crisis at family celebrations

The next chapter of drama began when Simone decided to declare that she misses Simaria’s daughter Giovanna, who turned 10 on Saturday July 30. “On your birthday I want you to know that I will never forget you, that I will always ask God for you,” he wrote. “I love you and I will love you forever.”

A few days later, Simaria attended the birthday party for Simone’s oldest son, Henry, who turned eight. Despite this, the two were not photographed together at the event, which was attended by family members of the two, Gkay, Camila Loures and other celebrities.

Less than a week later, it was the turn of the birthday party for Giovanna, daughter of Simaria. But those who expected the sisters to meet again were disappointed. Unlike Henry’s party, Simone did not attend her niece’s celebrations.

Simone with Kaka Diniz and the children Henry Zaya  Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News  Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News

Simone with Kaka Diniz and the children Henry Zaya

Image: Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News

What we don’t know: the cause of the problem

Without revealing the origin of the problem, last week it was Kaka Diniz’s turn to join the fight after a rumor spread that Simaria had fallen in love with her brotherinlaw.

“Truth can be proven, lies never,” wrote the entrepreneur. “People seek recognition at any cost, even if it means destroying someone’s image for it, but it’s all a failed attempt. You know what’s worse? The consequences of this are incalculable and there is no turning back. Therefore those who create lies will pay for everyone.”

There is only speculation about the origin of the crisis, no concrete answers. In addition to Simone’s husband, Simaria’s “difficult temperament” was also mentioned as a basis.