Simone and Simaria: “Amiga”, the duo’s last hit, took a twist and went viral on Kwai

Simone and Simaria: “Amiga”, the duo’s last hit, took a twist and went viral on Kwai

“Amiga, listen to me. I want to talk to you, I need some advice…” “Amiga”, Simone and Simaria’s latest hit as a duo, begins in this atmosphere of pub talk. In the live video, they embody the characters from the song and sit across from each other.

The sisters announced they will no longer be singing together this Thursday (18). They will separately pursue a solo career.

The already planned shows will be performed by Simone.

Born in Uibaí (BA), the sisters began singing professionally in their teens, as backing singers for Frank Aguiar. After that they were part of the band Forró do Miúdo.

The drama of the verses, which at first seems like an ordinary love lament, comes to an unexpected end. In the audience, the fans stand there with their mouths open. The sertanejo went viral on the internet in the form of a soap opera.

“Amiga” reached #1 on YouTube’s “Em Alta” national ranking of fastest growing releases. That’s another surprise besides the verses. But that wasn’t even the working song from the EP “Bar das Coleguinhas 2” that was released this Friday (the bet was “Man is all equal”).

There’s another unforeseen factor: “Amiga” doesn’t have a repeating chorus like every country hit. It’s a story with a beginning, middle and end. But the repercussions of the text’s turn on social media made for an instant hit. See in the video below:

“Amiga” was composed by Simaria with Nivardo Paz from Piauí, a friend of theirs since the beginning of their career, coauthor of other hits by the duo such as “Meu guitar e Nosso filho” and “Quando o mel é bom” . As she was writing, Simaria was already thinking about her own acting.

“The idea of ​​turning came out of my head. People love soap operas, but they’ve never seen two singers on one stage, in a scenario, people think about it,” Simaria is convinced of her work: “I was sure that it would affect everyone. “

The sertanejo of the turn of Simone and Simaria

The sertanejo of the turn of Simone and Simaria

Warning: The following text contains spoilers. If you want, watch the video first so you don’t miss the surprise.

Simaria has cast herself in the role of the woman who ends up taking her friend’s husband for herself. Wasn’t she afraid to reveal herself in the role of “talarica”​​(stealing someone else’s man)?

“I wasn’t worried because I knew this song is part of people’s everyday lives. A lot of people go through this kind of situation every now and then,” she replies.

The writer/performer further explains her character: “She’s friends with both her and her husband.

The clip with the twist, which the duo interpreted with intensity, had an immediate impact on the networks. It has been compared to the short soap operas with dramatic twists from the video app Kwai, for example.

The shock was the same when the clip was recorded. “That’s how it was. When the song ended, some people started applauding and others covered their mouths with their hands, not believing what they had just seen and getting angry,” says Simaria.

“Even though I believe in the song, I think it’s really cool. I knew that to have the context, people would have to go to YouTube to understand the clip and then listen to the lyrics. I said the song would take some time to spin. big, but then it would be a hit. In the end it was quick.

One cannot help but ask: Did Simaria ever experience the situation narrated in the texts? “I’ve seen people go through this, but I’ve never experienced it. But my sister has a friend who is going through just that. Look how crazy…” she says.

Simone, Simaria and Nivardo

2 of 3 Sertanejo trio: (from left) Nivardo Paz, Simaria and Simone play guitar at home — Photo: Reproduction / YouTube

Sertanejo trio: (from left) Nivardo Paz, Simaria and Simone play guitar at home — Photo: Reproduction / YouTube

Simone and Nivardo got together to write in Fortaleza at the turn of the year from 2019 to 2020. “My ‘canarinha’ Simaria invited me to spend the end of the year with them, we went to Fortaleza for a few days and we wrote this song there,” he says.

Nivardo is 39 years old and was born in Itainopolis, in the Piauí hinterland. He has also composed for Henrique & Juliano (“Recaidas”), Jorge e Mateus (“Prisão sem Grid”) and Cristiano Araújo (“Me Apego”).

The composer has a special way of praising his girlfriend’s ideas and telling her how he helps her turn everything into music.

“Simaria sometimes comes up with ‘pharaonic’ themes. She has the vision of an eagle, and then when we get together to compose, we are two madmen traveling on the planet of light.”

He recalls another hit from the partnership: “For example, ‘My Guitar and Our Dog’ was her idea in 2015. She wanted to make a song about a couple breaking up, but they both wanted to fight the dog, so I put the guitar in the middle to spice it up. And it was this ‘succession’.”

3 of 3 fan montage with ‘Amiga’ clip — Photo: Reproduction

Fan montage with ‘Amiga’ clip — Photo: Reproduction

Nivardo emphasizes the moral lesson of “Amiga”. “Our greatest intention was to leave a warning for people to appreciate those who are on their side and to make them aware that if you don’t appreciate it, there will always be someone.”

“About the boyfriend who was dating each other’s husband if you pay close attention they had already broken up because he hadn’t even spoken to the ex. He had already left. If we look from the other side what the friend did it was easy to help the other by taking care of the ones she didn’t take care of.”

Now Nivardo is preparing to release a DVD of his own full of special performances including, of course, his “Canarinhas” Simone and Simaria. In this case, the friendship is solid, with no twists and turns.