Simona Ventura the sudden heartbreaking tragedy quotShe chokedquot PASSIONEtecnologicaIT

Simona Ventura, the sudden heartbreaking tragedy: "She choked…" PASSIONEtecnologica.IT

Simona Ventura talks about the dead childSimona Ventura – Technological passion

Simona Ventura is one of the Italian public’s favorite presenters, largely for her empathy. One of his recent posts has to do with this: What he wrote is very sad.

Simon Ventura She’s a very popular Italian in show business, she’s a presenter who loves her job and it shows. Born in 1965 in Bentivoglio, in the province of Bologna, she now lives professionally in Rome, a profession that she loves and to which she dedicates herself constantly.

His career began with the Rai program “Married tomorrow“, which led with Magalli. From that moment Simona starts to work Telemontecarlohave a lot of success and then move on Sporty Sunday” And “Sunday In”even there it was noticed by the entire Italian public, who were fascinated by it.

In the 2000s he presented the Feast of Sanremo and then the program for which it has become a symbol, i.e. “The Island of the Famous” and as judge a “X Factor”. In fact, since 2016 he has been with Mediaset and then with Sky.

Simona Ventura is married to the Italian footballer Stephen Bettarinilinked to him with the marriage in 1998. The two divorced in 2004, but before the birth James and Nicolò. Today Simona is in a relationship with the Italian writer John Terzi.

Simona’s shared sadness

One a few days ago bad luck saddens the whole Italian country, unfortunately in the hospital Pertini Newborn baby Carlo Mattia died in Rome. What happened is still not clear. It is known that he suffocated as his mother, aloneShe fell asleep while breastfeeding. All this happened because after childbirth the woman was left alone with destructive fatigue.

Due to the lack of staff in the hospitals and the little attention given to new mothers, a veritable demonstration is currently taking place in the country. Simona wanted to share a message about it with her followers.

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Contributed by Simona Ventura

Simona posted a photo of her years ago holding her son. He continued: “The tragedy of the newborn who died at the Pertini Hospital in Rome, where this innocent little life died suffocated after his mother fell asleep exhausted from many hours of work, struck me deeply. I think it influenced all the mothers who kind of went back in time to remember what they did in the hours and days after their own children were born.”

He then continued, “I keep thinking about it, but I actually remember the doctors telling me that I should never have lain in bed with the kids. I realize I’ve been a lot Happy, perhaps as happy, will be the mothers who, in the face of this tragedy, from now on will be more persecuted and attentive to get help. Nursing and medical staff at the facilities are becoming more vigilant, even if numbers are below the threshold of need. I hug these parents tightly, in whose anger I reflect and recognize myself.”