Simaria showcases curves designed while posing in a modern bikini

Simaria showcases curves designed while posing in a modern bikini

simaria warmed up the mood on social media this Wednesday (2) by showing fans how she wants to be on this holiday. on your twitter, The country singer posted another snap from the boat trip she took in Miami last month.

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In the record, Simone Mendes’ sister appears omnipotent wears a modern bikini, with geometric cutouts and lots of transparency. The stylish piece further accentuated the artist’s toned body and curves. To complete the look, she opted for a pair of stylish sunglasses.


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“Where I wanted to be this holiday”

In the post’s caption, Simaria made it clear that the photo isn’t recent, it’s from how she would love to enjoy the holidays this November 2nd. “Where I wanted to be this holiday,” commented the muse.

Given the singer’s exuberant beauty, Fans and admirers did not skimp on praise and exciting messages. “Oowwwwwww my dear god it’s every zoom I do on these pics grace. God preserve,” one young man fired. “What an adorable brunette,” said another. “A goddess,” praised another admirer of the artist.

>Simaria Mendes (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)

Simone Mendes’ first solo exhibition

November started with everything for Simon Mendes! Last Tuesday night (1), The singer performed her first solo show since splitting from her sister Simaria. The event took place at the Center for Northeastern Traditions (CTN) in the North Zone of São Paulo.

This Wednesday, She published the concert schedule for the whole month. “Say my Migles, drop by to let you know the month of November has started with everything and we have some appointments to give that wonderful hug! Where can I find you this month?” she wrote.

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