Simaria makes a long outburst, leaving fans desperate given the situation amid the crisis with Simone: "stopped"

Simaria makes a long outburst, leaving fans desperate given the situation amid the crisis with Simone: "stopped"

Singer Simaria opens her heart with the release and leaves fans worried

the life of the singer simaria, by country duo Simone and Simaria, has been the subject of controversy in recent months. There was the end of the singer’s marriage, the career break with her sister Simone, the unfollowing of her sister and close friends on social networks, and as if that wasn’t enough, rumors surfaced that Simaria had taken a career break. as she would have loved her brotherinlaw Kaká Diniz, husband of the singer Simone.

Last Thursday 8th, the singer Simaria posted a reflection on a social network, leaving her followers with the flea behind their ears.

“I’ve stopped this ‘one hand washes the other’ thing, when it’s my turn there’s never water,” Simone’s sister shared on her Twitter. The Muse’s concerned followers soon responded, filling her with questions.

“Simaria, are you okay? Today Twitter woke up full of love, tell me, can we help with something?” said one fan. “But who has Jesus is never thirsty! Amen,” wrote another, trying to comfort Simaria. “Don’t let others change your essence, our reward is not here,” added a third person on the social network.

It is worth noting that Simaria, although he has already published several indirect messages on his networks, has not yet directly commented on this latest controversy surrounding his brotherinlaw, Kaká Diniz.

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Singer Simaria opens her heart with release, leaving fans worried  ReproductionSinger Simaria Opens Her Heart With Release And Leaves Fans Concerned Reproduction

Kaká Diniz speaks out on controversy surrounding his name

Simone Mendes’ husband, Kaká Diniz, released a statement amid rumors that his sisterinlaw Simaria has fallen in love with him.

“I have learned that the best way to combat any manifestation of hate is love! When we say that God is love, we are talking about love for others, because loving yourself is easy, it is really difficult to have compassion for others,” Kaká Diniz began.

“But nowadays nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the internet. I’m not talking about the social network, I’m talking about who makes up the social network. The problem isn’t the internet, it’s who thinks they have a voice on it. The problem isn’t in the lives of the lucky ones, but in those who “think they have a voice.” The problem is not in the lives of the lucky ones, but in the lives of the unlucky ones.”

“Ultimately, the difference is what comes from ‘in’ to ‘out’, not what comes from outside to inside. Whoever is happy lives. Those who are unhappy watch others live happily,” concluded Kaká. Under the comments, Simone emphasized: “My world of love”.

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