Silverfish Here Are 5 Effective Tips to Get Rid of

Silverfish: Here Are 5 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Them – CNEWS

Particularly attracted to moisture and heat, the silverfish, a species of insect about 1 cm in size with silvery scales, sometimes infests dwellings. Although it is harmless to humans, it can infect books, clothing or food. Here are 5 tips to keep it away.

Silverfish are easy to spot. About 1 cm in size, these nocturnal insects, also known as “silverfish”, have shiny silver antennae and scales, hence their name. They tend to occupy certain damp, dark, and warm places, like under furniture, bathrooms, garages, etc. They feed primarily on paper, cloth, and starch.

While they are harmless to humans, silverfish can not only damage property but also indirectly pose a health hazard because they can contaminate food. However, there are tricks to fight against their proliferation.

Avoid moisture concentration

Humidity is one of the main causes of silverfish reproduction, which is why it is important to regularly air the rooms of the house.

If the insect’s presence is too important, getting a dehumidifier can also come in handy.

Apply diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth, a siliceous sedimentary rock of organic and fossil origin, is also resistant to moisture.

Applying this white powder to the affected areas dries out the silverfish, killing them.

set traps

Designing traps is also an option of choice to neutralize the insect. A simple mixture of sugar and baking soda placed in likely populated areas can be of great help. Since baking soda is deadly to silverfish, pests will die from ingesting this mixture.

Similarly, placing sugar at the bottom of a deep enough glass can be a trap to trap the enemy. Once in the tank, the silverfish are actually captives, unable to ascend and climb onto the smooth surface of the jar.

Use spices

Another, milder solution can be to use spices with strong scents that repel small animals. Carnations, for example, placed in furniture and cupboards will deter them.

essential oils evaporate

Finally, just like spices, essential oils are effective in repelling silverfish.

Whether it’s lemon, mint, lavender, the simple fact of spraying them in the right places will help get rid of insects.