Signorini, big blow for Big Brother Vip: 90s star with his son

Signorini, big blow for Big Brother Vip: 90s star with his son

Umberto Smaila to the Big Brother VIP 7 together with the son? The conductor of “Colpo grosso” could enter the most spied house in Italy and leave from September 19 on the Casa Mediaset flagship network with Alfonso Signorini.

Big Shot from Signorini to Big Brother Vip: Umberto Smaila with son Roy in the house?

Smaila, who was interviewed by the weekly newspaper Nuovo, revealed that he had called with his son and wanted to enter the Casa del GF VIP along with him to give him a chance in the entertainment world too:

I can’t sit still by nature and if I get through it it would be the right opportunity to sit for a while as I’ve just had 2 operations on my femur. I would agree on one condition: participate in the reality show with my son, Roy. We had the first job interview together, I want to give him the opportunity to be visible before he enters the working world.

The singer and presenter reveals his greatest fear:

They told me there is only one bathroom and it worries me a lot. Will it take 8 months? I don’t think I could physically withstand it.

Umberto Smaila He also spoke of the two opinion leaders of the Big brother VIP:

With Orietta Berti there would be no problem between us I think. On the other hand, I don’t know Sonia Bruganelli very well, but I’m happy that she had the opportunity to repeat the experience.