1674964407 Siani returns to Sanremo after the body shaming faux pas

Siani returns to Sanremo after the body shaming faux pas at Ariston

It was 2015 and when the Neapolitan comedian took the stage in the hall, he broke out with a series of jokes, playing on the age of the two older fans and the height of a child

Posted on: Jan 28, 2023 2:48 p.mAlessandro Siani

Source: Screenshots Rai

We’re getting closer and closer Sanremo Music Festival 2023and as always in the last weeks before the inauguration, Amadeus reveals information about it the most prominent faces who will take the Ariston stage. Breaking news is the confirmation of Alessandro Siani as a new guest of the Rai 1 event.

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Be a new guest

The Neapolitan actor and director should enter the stage of the Ariston especially for tell about his new filmwho sees it in the dual role of director and performer, Through Friendshipwhich was released in cinemas immediately after the singing competition, on February 14th. What better publicity than the festival’s monumental media coverage? The evening in which Siani will be in Ariston would not be defined yetjust as it is not clear if the other protagonists will be with him Film that boasts Max Tortora, Matilde Gioli and Maria Di Biase in the cast. The film tells the story of Lorenzo, the owner of an agency called ThroughFriendship that offers friends for rent. But that’s not it clear if in addition to an intervention in the promotion of the film Siani will also put herself to the test with a monologueNarrative formula very popular with Sanremo microphones.

The actor’s last tragic experience at the Ariston

It was 2015and entering the stage of the hall, the Neapolitan comedian raged in a free running freestyle, plays on the age of the two fans Elders come to meet him and then worse to the size of a child 9-year-old standing in the front row: “You’re sitting in the chair, nice uncle?”. And again: “I thought it was a group and instead it was alone”. The people of the network didn’t like the teasing from Siani, e.g accused the comedian of body shaming, who demonstrated all her displeasure on Twitter. As always with such episodes, the public seems to have forgotten the unpleasant event, but more importantly that Rai forgave the comedian for slipping up and the lack of delicacy towards the little guest present in the room.

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