shows VAR on Domitila’s set over Larissa at BBB 23 Splash

The edition of today’s live broadcast (25) showed the VAR of Domitila’s sentence about Larissa on BBB 23 (Globo).

Larissa and Domitila spoke earlier today about something Miss Germany would have said about the sports teacher.

Speaking to Cezar, Domitila said: “Footballers, funk singers, trap singers and kitties from Brazil want to see that pretty girl out there, single? This is the chance.

Back then, Domitila was upset when she received Larissa’s vote and complained to the nurse.

After being eliminated and watching the video of the conversation, Larissa returned to the game and confronted Domitila. Quarto Fundo do Mar’s sister apologized to Larissa, acknowledging the mistake and saying that it affected Larissa and Fred’s relationship.

In today’s broadcast, the edition showed the conversation between Cezar and Domitila, confirming what Larissa had said.

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