Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence ChatGPT mosquito

Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence ChatGPT? – mosquito

Artificial intelligence accessible to all breaks through with ChatGPT. But it generates as much excitement as concern.

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No, it’s great

ChatGPT, an online conversation agent since November 30, was developed in 2017 by OpenAI. A “capped profit” company whose goal is to promote and develop artificial intelligence (AI) with a human face that “benefits all of humanity”.

levels of intelligence
ChatGPT relies on three levels of programming. The first is a language system. The second identifies the intention of the interlocutor. The third is a skid control system. Earlier AIs on the internet reacted badly, even showed themselves to be racist, homophobic or sexist…

This tool could revolutionize many areas such as health, education, IT. He knows how to correct code, translate texts, write paragraphs on complex topics, suggest medical diagnoses, explain scientific concepts.

The current variant of ChatGPT is said to be a trial version intended to be improved through user interactions. The next version promises to be even more convincing, especially since Google, attacked head-on by ChatGPT, is soon to release its own chatbot.

Yes, it’s too dangerous

OpenAI was founded in 2015 by, among others, Sam Altman, president of Silicon Valley’s largest startup incubator, Reid Hoffman, founder of professional social network LinkedIn, Ilya Sutskever, former researcher at Google Brain, Will Hurd, former CIA undercover agent and Elon Musk, who left the company in 2018 but said he continues to fund it.

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Artificial wellbeing
It won’t tell you how to build a bomb or commit the perfect crime. If he gives you a number to call in case of a black idea, it’s not the same when you’re seeking abortion or euthanasia. ChatGPT is also designed to avoid slaloming between the traps of racism and sexism…

laziness, unemployment
This assistant, so handy for students, could make them lazy. Just as it could put entire professions out of work through presentations or analyzes carried out in record time.

Digital snapping
Using ChatGPT means that you agree to enter your email address and mobile phone number. The questions asked enrich the profile of the interlocutor. If it took Netflix three and a half years to get 1 million users, ten months for Facebook and five months for Spotify, then five days was enough for ChatGPT.