Should perfumes be banned 12 years of isolation at home

Should perfumes be banned?: “12 years of isolation at home”

The idea of ​​banning fragrances in certain places has caused a big reaction in Quebec. The torch is carried by Ginette Langevin, the administrator of the fragrance-free health collective, who suffers from environmental and chemical hypersensitivity. But is this a real problem?

In a dynamic interview over QUB Radio, Richard Martineau put the question to Ms. Langevin head-on, to say the least.

“If you take a paratransit and the driver has an ax in his hair, you can’t get in,” she said. It’s still an essential service!”

Environmental and chemical sensitivities affect 3% of Canada’s population, according to Health Canada. Well… what does that mean? This would be characterized, among other things, by inflammation of the bronchi. An asthma attack. Note that this is not a recognized disease in Quebec.

“How come it exists in Ottawa Hospital but not in Gatineau?” wondered the lady.

The question is started. Additionally, according to an expert interviewed by Richard Martineau, who is still on the QUB Radio mic, Quebec is the only province that doesn’t ban fragrances in hospitals.

One thing is certain, this is a file that Ms Langevin says deserves our attention.