Shortly before publication A Hells has already announced that

Shortly before publication | A Hells has already announced that it does not want to comply with its conditions –

Hells Angels Daniel André Giroux, who was soon dismissed from office and classified by the authorities as violent and dangerous, was unable to prevent several special conditions being imposed on him. In fact, he has already announced his intention to disrespect at least one of them.

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Giroux, 52, a member of the Hells Angels from the Montreal chapter, was sentenced to seven years in prison in July 2021 after pleading guilty to gangsterism and drug trafficking.

But by deducting the period of preventive detention, which is calculated in a year and a half, he had two and a half years left to serve and will therefore be released after two-thirds of his sentence, as required by the Prisons Act and parole.

But because they believe the biker poses a risk to society, Canada’s probation officers impose severe conditions on him; Giroux must remain in a transitional home, disclose all of his financial transactions, not communicate with anyone involved in a criminal organization or with a criminal history, and will not be able to visit drinking establishments and use drugs and alcohol.

The hells: a family

But last December, Giroux presented written statements to authorities, in which he specifically reiterated that the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) had no authority to impose special conditions on him without his consent, that a residency assignment was unlawful and in violation of Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms, that there is no applicable law permitting the imposition of special conditions and that “he does not and will under no circumstances consent” to the disclosure of financial resources being imposed.

However, the PBC responded that it exercised its jurisdiction in accordance with the law and that Giroux “shows a significant propensity to use force”.

The commission also pointed out that Giroux does not want to leave the Hells Angels, which he considers “one family”, that he has owned firearms in the past despite bans and that he has not obeyed the rules in prisons, be it during his first federal sentence or the one still pending.

14 failures in three years

Prison authorities identified 14 offenses committed between 2019 and 2021, including three for possession of a mobile phone or tobacco, six for making offensive remarks to staff and one for possession of 13 grams of cannabis.

Giroux also twice refused to submit to a urine test, in September and November 2022, and correctional officers discovered more than 24 grams of THC in various forms, including candy, during a private visit to the prison.

Another time, while he was in medical isolation, a fellow inmate brought him a meal containing half a gram of hash and a gram of cannabis resin.

The biker was also involved in a fight with a fellow inmate and reportedly told a staff member he wanted to “go after the next guy in the wing who’s going to tell me I’ve lost weight”.

On the other hand, the stewards note Giroux’s good participation in a social reintegration program but fear that his participation will be “useful”, even if the biker says he has no intention of getting involved in a crime again.

“Considering your crime history and criminal affiliation, your Case Management Team (CMT) believes that your potential for violence is just as concerning as the likelihood that you will commit a new offense for the benefit of a criminal organization,” the commissioners write specifically in their 12th -side decision.

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