Shortage: The groceries that could be missing in supermarkets in 2023    I’m interested

Shortage: The groceries that could be missing in supermarkets in 2023 I’m interested

The food shortage in the supermarkets continued at the beginning of the year. After mustard and sunflower oil, other foods could be missing from the plates of the French.

The war in Ukraine, climate change and inflation have the year 2022 a year in short supply. As Dominique Schelcher, CEO of Système U, told franceinfo in November: “The sequence we are facing is spectacular. Before the war in Ukraine, there was an inflationary trend associated with the economic boom in the fall of 2021, then there was the war, and now the current background for everyone is the price of oil. As a result, many groceries such as mustard jars and sunflower oil bottles were missing from supermarket shelves.

Red meat, rice and bread

The year 2023 will be no exception. In the coming months, the French may have to give up red meat. The weather conditions of 2022 have taken their toll on agriculture. In France, as in other countries, producers of red meat suffered from droughts. As Capital points out, they had to feed the animals grain from the summer (instead of letting them graze on prairie grass), which was a great deal increased their costs. For lack of funds, some have to part with part of their livestock, Pascal Lerousseau, president of the Creuse Chamber of Agriculture, explains to France Bleu Creuse. For the specialist The risk of shortage is very real.

When it comes to rice, the farmers share the same concern. The Syndicat de la Rizerie Française (SRF) has declared this possible supply problems with the risk of rice shortages from February or March 2023. With an average price increase of 12% compared to September 2021, this product, widespread in France, is weakened climatic events. In particular, the lack of water has affected cultivation in Italy, Greece and Spain, the main European producers. Result ? There is “a 20 to 25% fall in yield in production in the European Community,” Thierry Lievin, President of the Syndicat de la rizerie française, told the Union.

Worse, bread, flour and various cereals could be lacking in Europe. wheat supply is disturbed by war in Ukraine. Ukrainians and Russians produce about 30% of world wheat exports.

After all, the bottlenecks of 2022 could continue this year. This is the case with sunflower oil and Chickpeas. According to the International Legume Federation, quoted by Les Echos, the world supply of this legume could fall by 20% in 2023. Bad weather conditions in the United States, the main producer of chickpeas, are to blame.

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