1657024990 Shooting on the town of Ozanam in Schoelcher the gendarmes

Shooting on the town of Ozanam in Schoelcher: the gendarmes are looking for at least 3 heavily armed people M

We know more about this tragic shooting that took place on the night from Saturday to Sunday (July 3, 2022) in the town of Ozanam Batelière (Schoelcher). Two youths from the neighborhood lost their lives.

The mood in the Cité Ozanam Batelière is still heavy this Monday, July 4, 2022. The Schoelcher district is mourning the death of two men who were shot dead on Saturday night (July 3, 2022).

Anderson Martot, the youngest, would have turned 20 at the end of the year (born October 9, 2002). He lived in the city of Ozanam Batelière. His body was found at the end of the basement corridor on the first floor of the playhouse. He would not be brought to justice.

The second victim being treated at the foot of the building’s stairs is Axel Merlin, 26 (born April 3, 1996). He died in the hospital. He had been released from prison a month ago and also lived in the neighborhood.
According to our information, narcotics (weed) were found on him.

Three people would have arrived at the wheel of a “white small car”. At least two would have descended from there to go towards the hall between buildings A2 and A3, a place very frequented by young people from the city. The attackers open fire.

According to the cases found on site, dual caliber guns were used, suggesting at least two shooters. One with a shotgun (12mm bullets) and another with a gun that fires 9mm bullets.

After their package is taken care of, the two people return to the vehicle, making the thesis that a third person was waiting behind the wheel plausible.

crime scene (shootout)

The rescue operation filmed by a resident from his apartment in the Cité Ozanam in Schölcher. • ©RS

The study was entrusted to the research department of Fort-de-France. It turns out to be quite difficult. Several people, family members and friends, were heard. But they speak little or not, probably for fear of possible reprisals.

The research continues in particular with the use of images from the CCTV cameras present in the city.

In addition to the PCE (President of the Executive Council), other elected Martinique officials reacted strongly to this new killing, which brings the number of victims to 15 since the beginning of 2022 in Martinique.

Response from Senator Catherine Conconne

Letter from MP Marcellin Nadeau