1674395363 Shooting in California leaves 10 dead and 10 injured

Shooting in California leaves 10 dead and 10 injured

Filming in California Ten dead and suspect not yet found in California shooting said on Sunday (22).

More than five hours after the attack, the suspect has still not been found, police said.

“The suspect fled the scene and remains at large,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Capt. Andrew Meyer told press at the crime scene in Monterey Park on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Specialized investigators from this department are “assisting the Monterey Park Police Department in investigating firearmrelated deaths,” according to a previously released statement.

Filming took place near a location where the Lunar New Year had just been celebrated in Monterey Park. This city of about 61,000 people of Asian descent is located about 13 km east of downtown Los Angeles.

According to media reports, the shooting took place in a ballroom on Saturday night, an hour after the Lunar New Year celebrations.

A resident of the city, Wong Wei, told the newspaper Los Angeles Times that a friend was in the club’s bathroom when the shooting started. As he left, he saw an armed man and three bodies: two women and a person he identified as the club’s president.

However, according to the Los Angeles Times, tens of thousands of people gathered early that day for the twoday Chinese New Year celebrations, among the largest in Southern California.