Shock in the bedroom Giant pythons fell from the ceiling

Shock in the bedroom: Giant pythons fell from the ceiling MAIL

It started with strange noises in the night, then parts of the false ceiling collapsed, revealing a snake’s tail – and finally two giant pythons fell into a family’s bedroom in Bentong, Malaysia.

According to the Malaysia Gazette, firefighters who were called tried to free the animals with a sling from the false ceiling, which collapsed.

Video of the action last Sunday quickly went viral on social media.

mating act?

It’s not known why the two pythons hid in the false ceiling – but as this species of snake mates in February and March, it could have been a “date”. In any case, the intermediate roof could not support the weight of the two: according to the media, the larger of the two snakes was five meters long and weighed 32 kilos, the smaller one weighed 25 kilos and was four meters long.

A python managed to escape to a neighboring house, but was caught. Both animals were eventually returned to a safe environment.