Shock in Nepal: The horrific images of the tragic plane crash    Antena 3 News

Shock in Nepal: The horrific images of the tragic plane crash Antena 3 News

The excitement in Nepal it totally is In total have 68 people dead in a plane crash. These are the images that come from the Asian country scary. The Yeti Airline plane crashed Sunday carrying more than 70 people on a departing domestic route Kathmandu. Authorities have reported that hopes of finding survivors have dwindled to zero.

They were on the plane 68 passengers, two pilots and two flight attendants. Rescue workers found the bodies of the passengers. They believe the four missing might be on the bottom of the canyon. The tragedy split the twin-engine aircraft in two. Half of the device remained on the slope and the rest fell into the gorge. Even a man captured the terrifying moment from the plane.

A man captured the moment in which the plane plummets into space: “I started recording as you can see in the video. The plane suddenly banked like a fighter jet to avoid a missile.” It was only a few seconds. “There was an explosion, I turned off my video. There were flames, fire. Wherever I was I could feel the ground shaking like an earthquake,” exclaimed the witness to the tragic fatal accident.

There were six children and 15 tourists on the routeno Spanish. “I stayed behind from the rubble. My friend went down the hill looking for survivors and found at least 35 bodies,” another man said. The plane still had a few minutes to land at the airport Pokhara. The weather was fine and the pilots reported no problems on take-off or in-flight.

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Apparently the aircraft’s position, altitude and radio frequency transmitter it was old and its data unreliable. Pokhara Airport serves as a connection for travelers heading to the city of Jomsom in the heart of the Himalayas, a popular destination for foreign tourists visiting Annapurna Peak (8,091 meters) or the Mustang region, as well as Hindu pilgrims.

Nepali, with frequent accidents Air, has repeatedly been the subject of international sanctions for lack of controls. the European Union (EU) Since 2013, Nepalese airlines have been banned from accessing its territory.