Shia LaBeouf as a woman on the set of Francis Ford Coppola’s next film

Shia LaBeouf as a woman on the set of Francis Ford Coppola’s next film

Photos of actress Shia LaBeouf dressed as a woman on the set of Megalopolis are causing a stir on social media. We see the actor disguised as a woman of ancient Rome alongside actresses Chloe Fineman and Isabelle Kusman.

In photos published by the Just Jared website, we can see actor Shia LaBeouf wearing a long, flowing dress, very high heels and lots of makeup on the set photos of “Megalopolis,” director Francis Ford Coppola’s next film , carries.

The American sci-fi blockbuster, written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, has not yet announced a release date. This is a long-term project of the director, the realization of which he dreamed of for several decades.

It is the actor Adam Driver who will play the leading role, in the evening that of an architect trying to build a utopian vision of New York after a catastrophe.

The plot is inspired by the Conspiracy of Catiline, an attempted coup in ancient Rome that was foiled in part thanks to the oratory skills of the Roman consul Cicero. The latter served as a model for the film’s antagonist, the mayor of New York, who will play Forest Whitaker.

Actors Jon Voight (who can also be seen in one of the set photos), James Remar, Aubrey Plaza and Nathalie Emmanuel are also part of the cast.

Coppola, 83, recently described the project as his most ambitious film “even more ambitious than Apocalypse Now,” his cult film about the Vietnam War, after winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1979.