Shes Shakiras double which even surprises the singer herself quotBetter

She’s Shakira’s double, which even surprises the singer herself: "Better than the original!" USA brand

Shakira is one of the most admired and loved Latin American singers by audiences that have managed to remain relevant 18 years after the release of his album ‘Barefoot’.

Her talent and personality make her a role model for many music lovers, and there’s no shortage of that I want to imitate her.

And it’s right there Colombian program “Yo me llama” in which a double of the Barraquillera has that surprised by his resemblance with the “Acróstico” actress and with her performances on stage, notes El Tiempo.

Recently, the young woman chose “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, one of the biggest hits the singer has had in recent years, to surprise the judges and fans of the show. received applause from those present.

Shakira herself applauded her copycat

The imitation went so far beyond that Shakira herself was responsible for sharing the best moments in their Instagram stories, accompanied by the message: “Strange but true! Better than the original!”

Andrea was so excited to learn that Shakira had shared her performance that she even shared it in a post on Instagram, writing: “My God! Yessssss @shakira reacted to my presentation and uploaded me !!!! One of my dreams came true today! I love you, Shake‘ is read out along with some emojis of tears and gratitude.

Who is behind “Yo my name is Shakira”?

The famous Shakira impersonator is called Andrea Correa and she is not Colombian, is about a young Chilean who has more than 44,000 followers on Instagram.

According to El Tiempo, Shakira’s international double In 2020 he had already taken part in an imitation reality show in his countryalthough he didn’t get the best results, he decided to give “Yo Me Llamo” Colombia a try.

The newspaper states that Correa has a manager in Colombia and another in Chile as she is hired for various events. Also is supported by a fashion designer This helps her create the most iconic costumes Shakira has ever worn.