Shes playing Elden Ring in her head and its frankly

She’s playing ‘Elden Ring’ in her head and it’s frankly impressive – weigh yourself in at the beginning

We thought we saw it all! After ring-con, bananas, and the farting electronic sax, one player proves gaming is possible elden ring… with his thoughts.

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Unearthed by Gamesradar and Youtuber Jake Lucky, streamer PerriKaryal shows how she pulled off this technological feat in her video.

She connected the game’s controls to an electroencephalogram, a machine that measures brain activity. Using electrodes attached to her scalp, she connected the functions to the hotkeys that control the character in-game.

“I use an EEG [électroencéphalogramme] to monitor my brain activity live on screen,” she explains. “It works by picking up electrical activity from my brain onto sensors in my head that are made conductive with a saline solution. I then trained it to recognize certain states and linked them to my attack function!”

It is absolutely mesmerizing to see it in action!

“[L’EEG] picks up the different activities and electrical patterns in my brain and can tell the difference between what my brain normally looks like when I’m talking to you and when I’m imagining an attack,” she explains to her viewers. “I imagine pushing something like that” while showing a clearly focused expression. A second later, his character steps forward and launches an attack against the enemy.

Seeing how this technology has been adapted to a difficult and complex game like Elden Ring makes the achievement even more impressive! To cheer!