She’s Always My Madness Rai 2 Movie    Storyline, Cast, Finale    Marida Caterini

She’s Always My Madness Rai 2 Movie Storyline, Cast, Finale Marida Caterini

The film is the sequel to She is my Madness, which is always aired by Rai 2.

Rai 2 beats the film with the title She is always my madness. It’s a thriller genre movie with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is from the United States of America. The year of construction is 2021 and the duration is one hour and 41 minutes.

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She is always my film madness – director, protagonists, where is filmed

The direction is over Colin Theys. main actors are Bruce and branding each interpreted by Houston Stevenson and Matthew Crawley. Also in the cast Hannah-Jane McMurray in the role of heather.

was filmed in Americain particular a Norwich and neighboring areas in the territory of Connecticut.

The production is from the Johnson production group in cooperation with Lifetime Network and WAKO company.

The film is known internationally under the title A predator returns. The film is the sequel to the film she is my madness transmitted by Rai 2 on November 7, 2021.

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She’s Always My Madness – Plot of Movie Aired on Rai 2

The plot has as a protagonist Bruce, a handsome and charming young man who loves studying the ocean and especially sharks. The man has a mania for young girls and always goes undercover under false names. In this sequel is the fictional name David and tells everyone he’s an oceanography student.

He lives in an abandoned lighthouse and seems content to spend all his time feeding his sharks. However, when he notices a group of teenagers swimming near the lighthouse, everything goes wrong. After saving the teenagers from his sharks, Bruce becomes obsessed quickly Courtney (Leigh Sinotti).

Courtney has problems at home, mainly because of her demanding mother and overprotective father. Soon the girl is walking around with them Bruce and stays out of the house until five in the morning. The father of Courtney don’t like Bruce for how the daughter behaves. Bruce realizes that he is not well seen and kills the father of Courtney Feed it to sharks.

Final spoiler

The relationship between Bruce and Courtney becomes so serious that the girl becomes pregnant. But when the woman finds out what really happened to her father, she immediately dismisses the man.

At this point Bruce he is determined to recover Courtney and above all the child that is expecting from her. And he won’t hesitate to pin her father’s murder on her.

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She is always my madness: the full cast

Below is the cast of the film She is always my madness and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Houston Stevenson: Bruce
  • Matthew Crawley: Brandenburg
  • Hannah-Jane McMurray: Erika
  • Leigh Sinnott: Courtney
  • Chris Jehnert:Ryan
  • Valerie Brookshire: Police officer
  • Sarah Minor: detective
  • amber jane: Cat
  • Amy Ward: Jasmine
  • Jonathan Cruz: Peter
  • Jeffrey Fryer: detective
  • Tyler White: Travis
  • Peri Rasmussen: Lily Kane