1673295114 Shemar Moore 52 expecting his 1st child Im making my

Shemar Moore, 52, expecting his 1st child: I’m making ‘my late mother’s dream come true’

Shemar Moore 52 expecting his 1st child Im making my

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Shemar Moore 58th Monte Carlo Television Festival, Day 3, Monaco - June 17, 2018

1673295095 372 Shemar Moore 52 expecting his 1st child Im making my

Shemar Moore Shemar Moore out and about, Los Angeles, U.S. - August 16, 2019

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“So I am Shemar Moore. 52.5 years old,” the Criminal Minds and SWAT star said in a preview of the Jan. 26 episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show. Shemar sat down Jennifer Hudson to announce that he was about to achieve something he never thought possible. “My mother [Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore] is in heaven right now,” the SWAT star told Jennifer, 41. “It’s going to be the three year anniversary [of her death] on February 8th, and on February 8th I will make one of her dreams come true. Because in real life, Shemar Moore is going to be a dad soon.”

“I’m so excited. I’m sorry [my mom] can’t be here I was concerned that this ship might have sailed,” he added. “God turned his back on me and sorted things out and that’s going to be the best part [of my life] – my life is pretty awesome, but I know if God is calling my name, when I have this experience, I will be able to go all the way to heaven.”

Shemar hasn’t revealed who he’s having a child with, but when the preview was shared, Shemar posted a video of the baby shower/sex reveal to Instagram. Shemar tagged model Jesiree Dizonthe model with whom he was romantically linked (HollywoodLife was just trying to clarify.) “Today is the day,” says a grinning Shemar in the video. “Your boy has butterflies. This is a special day. This is a legendary day.” Jesiree, who has a son from a previous relationship, said she would prefer a girl but would enjoy another boy because they are “simple.”

1673295101 371 Shemar Moore 52 expecting his 1st child Im making my(David Fischer/Shutterstock)

The baby’s gender has been epicly revealed. As his friend and family gathered on the lawn, a helicopter flew over Demar’s property. After a ruse, the plane came back and started emitting colored smoke and… it was pink! This means that Demar’s child will be identified as female at birth and that he can grow up to be a proud GIRL DAD, as can be read on the t-shirts distributed afterwards. “Mom smiles from heaven. … Miracles do happen … Here comes the BEST part of my life,” he captioned the clip.

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No matter how his child grows up, Demar seems lucky to have “A Little Moore” love in his life; Especially since it’s what his mother always wanted.

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