SheHulk: The producer admits that she didn’t write a screenplay, given the series’ use of CGI

SheHulk: The producer admits that she didn’t write a screenplay, given the series’ use of CGI

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She Hulk received harsh criticism for its special effects after winning its first trailer. While improvements have been made to the new Marvel Cinematic Universe series since then, the production company Jessica Gao commented on the situation in an interview with IGN, where he spoke about the process of working with CGI and his regrets at how it was done.

When asked about the challenges of using special effects as this is Marvel’s first series to use them extensively for central characters that need to be expressive, the director said Kat Coiro said:

“One of the coolest things about working with Marvel is that you can test every tool available and it’s all up to date, so our methodology was all we needed to capture the honest performance of the actors.” She said. “At the end of the day it didn’t even feel like a challenge, it felt like part of the process.”

Tatiana Maslany on the She Hulk poster. (Reproduction: Marvel/Disney)

gao added, commenting that the situation was unprecedented and had no clear idea of ​​bringing the character into CGI in the screenwriting process:

“That was unprecedented, you know, because Marvel has never done a television series where the protagonist is completely CG while she’s the title character. When we started we didn’t really have a plan or how we were going to do it, we just knew we were going to do it. And I was like, ‘Look, it’s Marvel, they know what they’re doing, they’re going to fix it. I just let her do it. I just write my scripts.’” she explained.

Moving on, the showrunner talks more about the struggles and learning curve that led to adding special effects to the series:

“It was a bit of a trial and error process with a lot of growing pains. I think if we had to do it again we would think a lot about how much and how long we want to see a CG character on screen, but it all worked out.”

You can watch the full video below:

Visual effects artists recently revealed that Marvel Studios has terrible working conditions, with extremely tight deadlines, unrealistic fees, and numerous changes throughout the CGI creation process. Another criticism was the low compensation values, in addition to the directors not knowing how to work with CG and the lack of cinematographers, leading to the effects producers being responsible for the creation of certain sequences.

The She Hulk Interpreter, Tatyana MaslanyShe expressed solidarity with experts from the area about the criticism. In turn, Coiro argued that he believed many of the criticisms were related to that dominance culture of female bodies”.

the first episode of SheHulk: Defender of Heroes debuted today, 18th of Augustand is available on Disney+.

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