She was dead for 27 minutes came back to life

She was dead for 27 minutes, came back to life and wrote a mysterious message

Tine Hinesa woman who lives in Arizona, United States of AmericaHe claims to have come back to life. As the woman reported on her social networks, in 2018, while walking with her husband, she fainted and fell to the ground.

Her partner, alarmed by the situation, performed resuscitation maneuvers on her while waiting for paramedics to arrive, who took her to the nearest hospital. Doctors there diagnosed her with a heart attack and decided to put her in a coma to save her life. After using the defibrillator seven times and doctors thought there was nothing else to do, Tine Hines responded.

“God decided to save my life with a miracle to show His goodness and love,” Hines began writing on his social media.

When she woke up, the first thing the woman asked for was a pen and paper to describe her experience. According to a medical diagnosis, she had been dead for 27 minutes. During this time, the woman saw “bright colors” and a Jesus-like figure in front of some doors.

Tine Hines shared her experiences on social media. Photo: Tine Hines/Instagram

“It’s real,” the woman wrote on the paper while the doctors looked at her in amazement. Hines’ eyes immediately filled with tears.

“Our Heavenly Father brought me back to life and the next day He allowed me to tell of His exquisite beauty and grace after awakening from his coma. He wanted to make it clear how real heaven is,” Hines continued. Before the heart attack, she already believed in God, but said the experience strengthened her faith.