She takes her own life at 25 I really hope

She takes her own life at 25: ‘I really hope that my death will help change things’

The parents of a 25-year-old woman who took her own life last December have denounced the unacceptable comments a doctor allegedly made about her in the emergency room.

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Christine Caron, who suffers from borderline personality disorder, presented twice to the emergency room at Anna Laberge Hospital in Châteauguay, her parents said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

A first time on December 9th where she stayed one night. She then went back there on December 11 because she was really not feeling well. She was then released on December 17.

When she got home, she took her own life. An attempt was made to revive her, but she died of cardiac arrest.

Christine’s mother, Isabelle Harvey, wonders if her daughter was really well taken care of.

The young woman left letters to her parents in which she evokes the disturbing remarks made about her by an emergency doctor.

“The doctor would have told him, ‘If you wanted to kill yourself, you would have already done it and you just want to do a show to get attention.’ She wrote that,” reports Ms Harvey.

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Her father explains that his daughter wrote about twenty letters, and the last one denounces the fact that she has not had access to care.

“She wrote the 20th letter for herself,” explains her father with a sob in his voice.


“I will use your words. “It’s sad that as a society we need to do something to improve the support we give to people with mental health problems. I came here voluntarily because my dark thoughts had become unbearable. I hope that in the future everything will change for all the Christines in the future, for all the Christines in this world who have dark thoughts and just want to get help,” reads the man with the TVA Nouvelles camera.


“I really hope that my death will help change things, that they won’t stay the way they are now,” the young woman concluded in her letter.

Currently, for every five people who come to the emergency room with mental health problems, only one is withheld for treatment.

Christine Caron’s mother complains that there is no other emergency service for these people who need to be seen for mental health problems.

The young woman decided to donate her organs. Four people could benefit from it.


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