She stabs her husband, Sofia Loren’s former seamstress, who was brought to Rebibbia in her nightgown at the age of 84       Roma

She stabs her husband, Sofia Loren’s former seamstress, who was brought to Rebibbia in her nightgown at the age of 84 Roma

by Paolo Foschi

The denunciation of Gabriella Stramaccioni, guarantor of the prisoners in Rome: “She stabbed her husband to defend herself. Why was no alternative measure found? ‘ The woman was a dressmaker to Sofia Loren and Mastroianni

“They caught me at night, I was in my nightgown, they didn’t even give me time to get dressed and they took me to Rebibbia prison”: This is the story of Loretta, an 84-year-old woman from Rome , a former seamstress who also sewed dresses for Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in the past, who were arrested on August 9 for stabbing their husband during a family dispute. The story was collected and shared on social media by Gabriella Stramaccioni, guarantor of the prisoners of the Municipality of Rome. “I talked, I talked, my husband told me to stop but I kept going and he started hitting me. I fled to the kitchen, but he came in and I defended myself with a knife,” the woman confided to the prisoner’s guarantor. The man suffered various injuries and was hospitalized based on a confidential prognosis, but is not life-threatening. And the woman was transferred to prison by order of the magistrate because she had nowhere else to go: “I have no children, the only relative who is a sister, but has cancer.”

«Today Ferragosto in the Rebibbie» wrote Gabriella Stramaccioni on Facebook -. The visit of the Dap boss is awaited – writes the social network –. Among the various meetings this morning, the one with Loretta in the women’s infirmary caught my eye. Loretta is 84 years old. It was brought in those days. Picked up from home in pajamas with no chance of taking anything. Not even the prosthesis. Of course there might not have been any alternatives back then, but alternatives have to be thought of and built. Starting with the welfare councils. At such a dramatic moment in prison, how can one think of locking up an 84-year-old woman? Sure we’ll get them out. I made a commitment to her to find a place to stay. But equally true that the lady should not enter. From the series: A phone call extends life. Also what the responsible institutions can do to activate dedicated services ».

Gabriella Stramaccioni, who was contacted by telephone from the Corriere, said later that afternoon that she had already found a nunnery home willing to take the woman. “It’s a story of loneliness and social uneasiness, but the state’s response cannot be to send an 84-year-old woman to jail who was only trying to defend herself. After the stabbing, she was very agitated and continued to threaten her husband, which complicated the situation, but you can’t treat a person of that age and in such a state of discomfort. And he adds: “Fortunately in prison he has found angels in other inmates who take care of him: the first few days he was in solitary confinement as a precaution for Covid, now he is in the infirmary where a girl takes care of him as if.” she would be her grandmother. And other inmates have offered her what she needs: a sweater, toothpaste, and the other little essentials.

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August 15, 2022 (change August 15, 2022 | 16:29)