“She is pregnant”, Antonella Clerici breaks the silence on pregnancy: now she speaks

“She is pregnant”, Antonella Clerici breaks the silence on pregnancy: now she speaks

Antonella Clerici revealed the truth about her pregnancy on social media. Here is the moderator’s announcement.

pregnant Antonella ClericiPregnant Antonella Clerici – Siciliananotizie.com

Antonella Clerici returns to television with a new edition of It’s always noon in which the presenter is at the helm of the show for the third time this year Raiuno focused on food.

The woman had tremendous success with a similar program called the Cook Trial in the early 2000s, which she had to cut short for a while because of her first pregnancy.

Antonella Clerici: the truth about pregnancy

there Clerici In fact, he has a daughter named maelle, She had been with her former partner Eddie while now living her life alongside her new love Vittorio Garronand with whom he hopes to live happily.

Antonella In a recent interview, he stated that he would like to move in tomorrow Normandy because of the prevailing climate, because the presenter hates summer and heat and hopes to be able to do a time-shifted show from there or work behind the scenes when she gets older.

But her family could grow, at least that’s what her fans believe, because for some time it has been rumored that the woman is expecting a second child from her new partner.

Antonella Clerici pregnantAntonella Clerici – siciliananotizie.com

After so much talk, there it was Clerici who often interacts with her fans to tell her about her pregnancy and to make the announcement that many were expecting from the presenter.

For the woman it would be the second pregnancy and she has always admitted that maelle it has brought her so much joy and that they are like two friends and have a wonderful mother-daughter relationship.

A little brother or sister would be a nice present for the girl as she is already old enough to help her mother around the house and with the new arrival

The reveal on Instagram

But the Clerici He wanted to make the announcement by replying to one of his fans who asked him if she was pregnant. The woman, surprised by the question, responded with another question that neither confirms nor denies the rumours.

“In my age?” the presenter replied, commenting with emojis of astonishment and fear, implying that there is no pregnancy and that at her age she will never start having children.

Antonella Clerici pregnantAntonella Clerici and the answer to the fans – siciliananotizie.com

Nevertheless Antonella She is very motherly and the idea of ​​a new baby with her new boyfriend would be dream come true and then move in as we have said Normandy away from the heat.

So no babies on the way, just a lot of commitments like the new edition of the lunchtime program and the third edition of The voice eldestwhich will return to the screens of 2023 after two episodes with good ratings Raiuno.