She-Hulk: The Marvel Series will not be released on August 17th

She-Hulk: The Marvel Series will not be released on August 17th

Disney+ announced yesterday during a panel dedicated to She-Hulk that the series will finally launch a day later than August 17 as originally planned…

The big-eared company adjusts its summer flight schedule. While the Star Wars Andor series has been pushed back several weeks so as not to compete with blockbusters House of The Dragon and The Rings of Power, if rumors are to be believed, the broadcast of She- Hulk changed. Announced for Wednesday 17th August it will finally be released on Thursday 18th August.

Disney has not explained this choice, but the most likely hypothesis is that the platform wants to spread the airing of its series over the week. The release of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Miss Marvel on the same day certainly wasn’t a conclusive test. Knowing that productions will multiply in the coming years, a busy schedule must be expected with daily releases, rather than every Wednesday or Friday as before.

She-Hulk will therefore not compete with Andor, which launches on Wednesday 21st September. The broadcast of the 9 episodes has been extended until October 13th. The series follows lawyer Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), Bruce Banner’s cousin, who inherits her powers and becomes Miss Hulk after a blood transfusion, who is assigned to rescue her after she is shot. .

Also joining the cast are Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth (playing Abomination), Benedict Wong, Jameela Jamil and a certain Charlie Cox, who will once again be donning his red Daredevil costume.